Hire Slow, Fire Fast

One of the biggest mistakes that recruiters and human resources specialists make is deciding to hire someone within the first few minutes of an interview. They start talking to a person. They like the person and they decide to hire the person.

Hire Slow, Fire FastThis is not what you want to happen. The goal of a job interview is to collect data about a candidate. Then, make a decision based on the data that you collect. An initial impression is important, but it is impossible to collect all the data that you need to make a sound hiring decision within three minutes or five minutes.

People typically make decisions quickly when they have no real hiring process. During an interview, they do not know what questions to ask. They like the person and they decide to hire him or her. Often, this results in some serious problems right after they make a hiring decision.

Your process should be to collect data. When you hire someone, you hire a person. Therefore, you want to create a profile of a person that you want to hire. In many cases, you will start with the job, duties, and responsibilities. However, you should not stop there. Ask yourself: what kind of person will be successful at this job? What education, skills, and experience does the person need? Then, look for the person.

When interviewing someone, ask them about education, skills, and experience. All of these are very specific things, which is why you can be asking specific questions and getting specific answers. This is what you want: a specific person answering unique questions that allow you to make a decision about the fit between the person and the position. This is what hiring in Canada should be like.

Too many people have no process and start asking tricky questions, trying to test reactions and response. Collect data and make decisions based on data instead of asking tricky questions that don’t really tell you anything about a person.

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