Jobs at From An Internship to Working For Finance Department

So how do you go from being an intern to working in the finance department? Finding great people today is one of the biggest challenges for most companies in Canada, including This is why strongly believes in internships.

From An Internship to Working For Finance Department - ipma-aigp.caIt offers internships to students in a variety of fields, including finance. Students can start working for the company in the summer, learn more about’s corporate culture and vision, and then decide if they want to join the company on a permanent basis. Working in the finance department of is not an easy job, but it is very fulfilling and meaningful. knows what kinds of employees it wants to see working for its finance department because its human resources specialists create employee profiles for all the positions in the organization.

It is the philosophy of the company that to hire a new person is always an opportunity to do things better, be it selling lotto tickets online or offering some other service to the customers. A new person working for a finance department may have knowledge about useful software that the company is currently not using or may bring information about new methods and approaches in the area of finance to

This is one of the reasons why human resources specialists at never interview potential employees by following a predetermined template. They always create tailored interview questions for every new applicant. At, human resources specialists believe that if they were to ask everyone the same questions, the questions would have to be generic. Generic questions can only have generic answers, which is not what is interested in. HR specialists map all the questions according to the specific requirements and then discuss the requirements with interviewees.

One of the interesting features of interviewing for finance department positions is that interviewees get to talk a lot about themselves, their education and hobbies. The company wants to learn as much about employees as possible before making a hiring decision.

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