The Foundations of Intelligent Hiring

The purpose of a hiring process is to predict the success of a person on a job. You have a position. No matter what the position, the person doing it will be completing tasks and taking actions in certain situations. Therefore, this is what you should be interested in: checking how the person is going to complete tasks and behave in various situations. This is what intelligent hiring interviews and intelligent hiring process should be about. It is not about whether you like someone. It is not about practicing your intuition. It is about behavior.

The Foundations of Intelligent HiringBased on how people behave, we typically assign labels to them. For example, if you think about your successful employees, you will discover that you call them successful because they do certain things. They may be writing code well. They may be saying smart things in meetings. They may be doing an excellent job greeting customers or making sales to customers. All of these are examples of behavior. When it comes to a new hire, you want to predict the behavior, you want to hire slow, fire fast. How will this person handle the tasks and the situations at his or her new job?

The next question, then, is: how do you predict behavior? The answer to this question is that most people behave in similar situations in a similar way. While some people do change, most people perform the same tasks in the same manner. For example, if someone has been learning for ten years to use new versions of software by reading books, it is very likely that when in the future the person will need to learn about new software, he or she will start looking for a book.

This is how you predict behavior. You need to identify what behavior you are looking for and then ask specific questions about past behavior, such as: tell me about software that you learned to use it the past. How did you do it? What was the process?

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