From An Internship to HR Department

In Canada an HR department in organizations and businesses such as perform a variety of functions, from recruiting employees to training them to helping them work productively and effectively for the company.

However, just like for many other companies in North America, for recruitment of quality candidates remains as one of the biggest challenges and issues.

From An Internship to HR DepartmentPeople that don’t know much about recruitment may think that finding quality people is easy but in reality, it is very hard because the best workers are not sitting unemployed. They don’t just play lotto online because they are either going to school or are already working somewhere.

For this reason, believes in hiring talented students for internships. If a student shows great results, he or she may continue working for the company. Departments at where people started working after their internships at the company include human resources, accounting, and finance.

Employees in the HR department learn’s approach to hiring and implement it when looking for new people.

At, hiring is all about finding great people and attracting the right talent to grow the business because at the very end, what makes a business unique and special are the employees behind the technology, software, and websites.

Human resources specialists at believe that when they are choosing people to work for the company, they start with an empty pot. The goal is to fill the pot with data about the candidates and collect as much data as possible. Once a specialist gets a lot of data, making decisions in the hiring process becomes really easy. The majority of data comes from face-to-face interviews that employees conduct when hiring new people.

To collect the data, need to know what they are looking for. For this reason, HR specialists create profiles for all the positions that the company has.

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